Even in shared apartments, the tenants have a joint responsibility to take care of cleaning the stove and ovens. The oven and its trays must be cleaned regularly to avoid fat and dirt burning onto them. Use cleaning supplies and liquids specifically meant for ovens and stoves according to their manuals.

While cleaning, pull the stove out of the wall, and vacuum and wash the back at least twice a year, and always upon moving out.

Cleaning the filter of the cooker hood

The cooker hoods in DAS apartments are programmed together and the tenants cannot mainly adjust them by themselves. The ventilation is enhanced during cooking hours 11-12 and 15-17.

The cooker hood filter is located straight above the stove in the hood. It comes off when you press it towards the wall while pulling it downwards. Cleaning the filter regularly is the responsibility of the tenant.

For cleaning, you’ll need:

-          mildly alkaline or alkaline cleaning liquid

-          a sponge or a brush that does not scratch

-          cloths

Do as follows:

1.       Wear protective gloves and pull the stove out of the wall.

2.       Mix the cleaning solution in both sinks according to the manual on the cleaning liquid

3.       If there is a metallic filter in underneath the cooker hood, detach it by gently pushing it towards the wall

4.       Detach the exhaust air valve by turning the frame counter-clockwise

5.       Let the valve and the filter soak in the sink.

6.       Damp a cloth in another sink and wipe the filter hood both outside and inside. If it’s very dirty, use a sponge or a brush to clean it.

7.       Wipe the walls and the nearby top cupboards from underneath

8.       Wash the filter and the valve with a brush. It’s good to let the filter soak for a few hours beforehand.

9.       Drain the cleaning solution, rinse the filter and valve.

10.   Dry the exhaust air valve and let the filter dry completely before installing it back to its place.

11.   Put the valve back on by turning the frame clockwise. Make sure to check that the ventilation regulator in the middle is in the same position as before. Depending on the position, the valve can lead to draft, decreased ventilation in other apartments, or prevent ventilation in your apartment.

12.   Put the filter back on its place, by putting the back on its place first. Then push it towards the wall and lift the front back up. Clean the stove and hobs if necessary. Wipe the floor behind the stove and push it back against the wall.

13.   Clean the cleaning supplies.

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