The key/keys to your apartment will be handed over to you as your rental time begins; you have paid your deposit and signed your tenancy agreement. The keys fit, depending on the building, the front door, the apartment/room door, mail locker and the lock in the storage space.

If you cannot pick up the keys by yourself, you can authorize someone else to do it for you.  In this case, please send an email to DAS Customer Service. The email must include the personal information (date of birth) of both you and the person you have authorized. Please notice that you must always bring your valid ID when you are picking up your keys.

If you or anyone you know cannot pick up the keys during our office hours before you move in,fill in an order for handing over the keys service here.

If you lose your key, immediately contact DAS Customer Service. You will be billed for losing the keys and the costs can be several hundreds of euros. If you forget your keys inside your apartment, call the Door Opening –service. You will be charged for the service.

When you move out, the keys must be returned to the DAS Customer Service and they must not be left in the apartment. The key/keys must be returned by 12 o’clock in the afternoon on the next working day after the tenancy has ended.

When DAS Customer Service is closed, you can return the keys to the office mail box in an envelope with your contact details on top.

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