Gym is reserved through the electronic booking system which can be found on the tenant pages. The deposit for the key in Asemarinne, Anninportti and Kuntotie areas is 50 euros. For DAS Nili gym there is no key deposit as tenant gets a door code. The using fee is 4,40/5€ per month and it is paid with your monthly rent.

The responsible for the gym and the tenant committee are in charge of developing the gyms and buying new equipment.

Please note that there is a limited amount of keys to each gym.

You can find the gyms at:

  • DAS Nili, Rantavitikantie 4
  • DAS II, Ratakatu 6
  • DAS Anninportti, Väylätie 29-31 B 
  • DAS IX, Kuntotie 8
 Order regulations for tenants' activity rooms
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