Handling Complaints at Domus Arctica -säätiö

Several Acts, decrees and guidelines regulate DAS. We take all official complaints seriously and we always take action based on these complaints. The order regulations, the terms of the foundation's tenancy agreements, and other guidelines are meant to be followed in order to maintain a peaceful living environment and co-operation.

Differences can be settled by communicating but if not even then:

  •  First, try to talk with the people causing disturbance. Anonymous letters or aggressive behavior rarely lead into good results.
  •  You can also contact the members of the tenant committee and of course DAS directly to find help and consultation on solving the problem.
  • In serious cases, you can call the police. Please notice that the Finnish police cannot tell DAS about the inspections they make. So, if you call the police, remember to send DAS a separate complaint, so that we can also take actions to solve the problem.
  • If the disturbance keeps reoccurring, send DAS an official Complaint form. The complaint must always be sent through the electronic form found on our tenant pages. It is processed with confidentiality and we will ask for a response from the person causing the disturbance. When making the complaint, always make sure to double check the exact address of the person causing the disturbance. I.e. go outside in the corridor to listen where noise is coming from and mark down the number of the apartment and the name of the tenant if possible. Make sure to mark the type of disturbance specifically, e.g. "music is being played so loudly in apartment 35 that it disturbs the tenants repeatedly between 22:00 and 00:00. The lates incident took place on 15th of December".
  • The Notice of Complaint is sent to the person causing the disturbance and to the parent of that person if he/she is underaged. These Notices do not include the personal information of the person who has filed the original complaint.
  • It is highly recommendable to respond to the Notice of Complaint, so that both parties in the situation are heard.
  • From this point onwards, we follow the Finnish Act on Residential Leases. In severe and repetitive cases of disturbance, DAS has the right to rescind one's tenancy agreement without a period of termination. If necessary, DAS will plea for eviction through the local court.

Based on section 61 of the Finnish Act on Residential Leases, the lessor has the right to rescind a tenancy agreement:

  • if the tenant neglects to pay the rent within the time pre-scribed by law or agreed on;
  • if the leasehold is transferred or the apartment or part of it is otherwise assigned for another person’s use, con-trary to the provisions of this Act;
  • if the apartment is used for any other purpose or in any other manner than that provided when the lease agreement was made;
  • if the tenant creates a disturbance with his or her way of life or allows others to do so in the apartment;
  • if the tenant fails to take good care of the apartment; or
  • if the tenant violates provisions or regulations for the maintenance of public health and order in the apartment.

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