DAS Kelo resident selection criteria

The Board of Directors in DAS  has decided that DAS Kelo's apartments will be offered in such a way that a certain proportion of the apartments will be allocated to internal (30%), outsiders (60%) and to newcomers (10%). Tenancy agreements will start on 1 August 2019. A total of 103 studios ...

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03.01.2019 recycling, maintenance service, circulation economy

DAS will start collecting plastics waste

Tenants’ voice has been heard and DAS will increase the possibilities to recycle and sort their waste. We have agreed with our partner MHK Oy for a pilot project for one year in which the plastics waste will be collected as separate transportation. In tenant pages, waste points on the yards and o...

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10.12.2018 maintenance service, winter, tenant services

We have snow!

The winter has arrived and we now have a lovely winter scenery at Rovaniemi. It’s been snowing quite much during the last weekend. To be able to keep the yards, parking places and walking paths clear from snow please remember the following things - keep your bike only in the correct places. This ...

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29.11.2018 Christmas, exchange student, experiences

Memory list for December

Memory list for December for exchange students Take part in DAS porridge day 3. DecemberIf you haven’t experienced any pre-Christmas parties yet –try to organize your own –ask help from your tutor for exampleGive DAS valuable feedback about living in DAS apartmentGet familiar with moving out in...

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28.11.2018 editorial

Greetings from Markku

Dear tenants, members of the board of DAS, other elected persons and DAS staff! Since retiring from the position of University of Lapland Faculty of Law Administrative Manager on 1 September 2018 after 38 years, the position of trust in the board of DAS after 35 years is also coming to end. The y...

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28.11.2018 Christmas, Finnish Christmas

A short lesson to Finnish Christmas

Pre-Christmas parties The season for Finnis pre-Christmas parties starts already in the beginning of November. Pre-Christmas parties are part of work places, student organizations, hobby/athlete groups and all sorts of different organizations. Pre-Christmas is a relaxed party with Christmas theme. ...

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28.11.2018 Christmas, Christmas opening, porridgeday, gingerbread decoration competition

A delicious Christmas season opening

DAS own porridge day is here again. It starts the Christmas season at DAS on 3 December starting at 11 a.m. Our office is open on 3 December 2018 at 8 a.m.-4 p.m. We serve Christmas porridge, tarts and glögi (mulled wine) for 120 first visitors. Come to meet DAS staff tenant committee members, en...

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28.11.2018 Christmas, sauna, Christmas sauna, tenant services

Let’s have a Christmas sauna

With respect to Christmas traditions the Christmas Eve saunas warm up again at DAS on 24 December 2018 between 13-21. In Asemarinne and Kuntotie the Christmas sauna can be reserved in all the houses. In Rantavitikka the Christmas sauna can be reserved from Erävalkeat houses (DAS Nili, Kota and...

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28.11.2018 surveys, for tenants, influencing

Let thy voice be heard

We have contacted you in the form of different feedback inquiries at the end of November. If for some reason you have not received any email about these, please feel free to answer through these links as well. All the inquiries are short and don’t require too much of your time. We hope that you coul...

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Christmas time open hours

During December and January DAS has quite many exceptions in open hours. If you are coming to handle business with DAS please check the open hours always beforehand at www.das.fi/openhours. 6.12.2018closed 10.12.2018open 8-11 14.12.2018closed 20.12.2018open 9-12 24.-28.12.2018closed ...

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