21.11.2023 shared car, Omago

Have you already tested a shared car?

DAS tenants and also other residents of Rovaniemi are able to rent a shared car. You can rent a car for your use for hours, days or weeks. With a shared car, you can easily go for grocery shopping, training sessions, and other leisure activities. You can make a reservation and use and return...

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13.11.2023 housing advising

Housing Advising in Domus Arctica Foundation

Domus Arctica Foundation has started to offer housing advising to DAS tenants. Housing Advising is a low-threshold support service and guidance in connection with all housing problems and issues. As a DAS tenant you can be in touch if you have challenges for example with life management or you...

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The rents of Domus Arctica Foundation apartments will not be raised for 2024

Domus Arctica Foundation will not raise the rents of its apartments for 2024. The utility fees will be increased by EUR 1/month/tenant place due to the increase in the price of energy. Rents for DAS apartments have been determined on a cost basis in accordance with ARA’s instructions and regulations...

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25.10.2023 Neighbourhood Bingo, participate and win

Take part to Neighbourhood Bingo and win a movie ticket!

Would you like to get to know your neighbours, but don't know how? Neighbourhood Bingo is your chance! Collect the names of your nextdoor neighbours on your bingo card and participate in a raffle to win a movie ticket package. How to participate: - Take a screenshot of the bingo card posted...

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Important reminder as the weather cools down

As the weather cools down, we want to remind tenants of a few important things.  If you ventilate your apartment, remember to close the ventilation window and/or balcony door after ventilating. In the worst case, leaving the window/door open in the winter can lead to freezing of the pipes in...

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22.09.2023 parking

Parking spots for DAS tenants

At the moment all DAS apartments are occupied and with that the parking spots are also getting fully booked. Please park only in your reserved spot. Parking the car in other than marked spots is not allowed. As a DAS tenant, you can reserve a parking spot for yourself through the tenant pages....

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21.09.2023 tenant committee

Join the tenant committee and make an impact!

Do you want new equipment for the gym? Do you want to go to Ikea or for a skiing trip? The tenant committee organizes various events and updates common spaces. As a member of the tenant committee, you can influence on how the budget for the activities and new gym equipment is used. Tenants mee...

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28.08.2023 tenant committee, community

Welcome to the tenant committee meeting!

Hi DAS tenants! Our upcoming Tenant Committee Meeting is just around the corner, and we can't wait to see you there!  Date: Wednesday 30.8.Time: 4 PM Place: DAS office (Yliopistonkatu 21)  Welcome!

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17.08.2023 tenant committee, community

Get to know the tenant committee!

What is an tenant committee? What do they and why you should be interested in the tenant committee?  The tenant committee consists of DAS tenants, you too can join the tenant committee!The tenant committee organizes various events and updates common spaces.As a member of the tenant committee...

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11.08.2023 shared car

Shared cars are back!

DAS has started cooperation with Omago. Omago shared cars are now available to DAS tenants. The shared car is easy to use when needed. You can rent the car  from the service provider Omago's app, you don't need keys for the car! Read more: DAS ENG.pdf Shared cars are located in DAS E...

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