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Paying the rent

The rents of DAS apartments are based on a cost-cover principle, meaning that we do not make a profit from your rent, but is divided into capital rent and maintenance rent. The capital rent includes the interests and loan repayments of the foundation’s construction loans. The maintenance rent includes the costs caused by maintaining the buildings, for example heating, cleaning, caretaking, laundry and renovations.

The DAS board confirms rents and prices yearly when making the budget. As our tenant, you have many ways of affecting the amount of maintenance rent.
The due date of the rent is always the 6th of each month and the rent is paid onto our bank account. The due date cannot be altered. You can also activate the e-invoice in your online bank account and all our invoices will come directly to your online bank.
Alongside the rent, we charge a monthly utility fee, which includes the tenant’s calculated share of water, electricity and wastewater costs. DAS tenants are therefore not required to make contracts for water or electricity suppliers and there are no surprising equalization bills for the water.
In 2023 the share of water is 14€ and the share of electricity is 9 € of the utility fee of 23 euros. In those apartments which have water consumption-based billing the utility fee is 9 €.

A delayed payment?

Visma Financial takes care of debt collecting (payment reminders and judicial debt collections) on behalf of DAS.
Visma Financial sends the tenant an email reminder about an outstanding payment a few workdays after the due date of the rent. At this point, the email reminder does not lead to extra costs for the tenant and you can still pay the missing rent with your own rent invoice. If you have previous outstanding payments, you will not receive a reminder email for a new outstanding payment.
If your rent remains unpaid 14 days after the due date, you will receive a payment reminder via mail and it includes  reminder expenses and a payment interest. In this case, make the missing rent payment according to the instructions of the Visma Financial letter.
If you wish to make an agreement on how to take care of an outstanding payment, contact Visma Financial directly. Their contact information is on the payment reminder letter you have received.

DAS follows the regulations Finnish Act on debt collecting.

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