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The Use of Personal Data

The Use of Personal Data

The apartment renting business Domus Arctica -säätiö (from here on ”DAS”) operates requires using personal information. Handling personal information is based on customership, other connections related to the functions of DAS, or the consent of the customer. Personal information is used, for example, to manage the customership, to send questionnaires regarding customer satisfaction and other matters, customer communications, for the maintenance of the properties, and to market the apartments.

DAS pays special attention to the protection of the customer’s privacy and data protection, and follows proper data handling methods.

Personal data is collected mainly from the customers themselves. In addition, personal information is collected, e.g. through Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, and the registers of the Population Register Centre.

DAS can also gather data concerning its customers’ devices through cookies and related technologies, such as www-analytics, on its website. (see more: here) Collected data is not mainly transferred outside DAS, excluding events when the owner of the apartment changes, and exluding our co-operative partners to whom necessary data can be given.

According to the law, every person has the right to check what kind of information has been saved about them. The plea for checking the information cannot be done via phone; rather it must be done in written with a signature. The written plea must be mailed to Domus Arctica –säätiö sr, Yliopistonkatu 21, 96300 Rovaniemi. The envelope should be marked as a “data protection plea”. When asking for information, the person sending the plea must provide their name, address and social security number, and inform whether they would like to check information related to a specific thing, all information or information from a certain period of time.

The Plan for Handling and Saving Personal Data in Domus Arctica –säätiö 14.2.2018

Domus Arctica –säätiö sr. Phone 020 7699 180 Company ID-number 0210547-1, Yliopistonkatu 21, 96300 Rovaniemi

The customer has a right to demand correcting, removing or supplementing information that is unnecessary, outdated, incomplete or false to DAS. All pleas for correcting or supplementing information must be mailed to Domus Arctica –säätiö sr, Yliopistonkatu 21, 96300 Rovaniemi.

The right to forbid information usage means that the registered person has a right to forbid the registrar from using personal data concerning them to be used for direct marketing. A previously given admission for direct marketing can be cancelled any time by sending a notice of the ban to

More information concerning the use of data can be found under the file description of “DAS Register Based on Customership or Other Connections Related to DAS’ Functions” (Customer Register)


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