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Welcome, new DAS tenant!

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Welcome to DAS

Thank you for choosing DAS student houses to be your home. At any time during your stay, you are welcome to drop into the DAS housing office or send email to to say hello or ask a question. Please take some time to study the housing guide, where all the important matters concerning your living conditions are explained.

DAS Kelo under construction

Follow the construction work day by day


A short introduction to the flats offered by DAS. More information will be added to home pages in the autumn.


Tenant activity

DAS has always had very lively tenant activity and tenant democracy rules at DAS. This means that you have the right to gain information about DAS’ finance, the condition of the apartments and the decisions made. The tenant committee supervises the tenants’ benefit and promotes the quality of living...

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DAS Lauri of the Seven brothers is the first of the Jukola houses to get a new look

This fall DAS Lauri is accommodated by exchange students for the first time. As do the exchange students, almost all new DAS tenants move to surroundings that they are not familiar with. We wanted to make the start of studying as pleasant and easy as possible. As a part of this goal we carried ou...

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DAS Base

What is this space for? We don’t know yet, but we hope you do! INNOVATE, DREAM, AND DESIGN! DAS Base will be a place for exchange students, but we want YOU to tell us what this space should be used for! What does the space need? What furniture is required? What colours do you love? You can ...

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DAS Bike

DAS wants to take part in building better everyday life for students in Rovaniemi. That's why we are introducing new DAS Bikes, available for use for all DAS tenants. DAS Bikes start rolling on streets starting from this autumn. How it works All DAS tenants can use the DAS Bike. Remember ...

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DAS in social media
Päivä 39 rakennustyömaalla. Puukerrostalon pohjakerros rakenteilla. Day 39 at construction site. Ground floor of the wooden apartment building under work. #daskelo #domusarctica #opiskelijaasunnot #studenthousing #arktistaopiskelijaelämää #arcticstudentlife
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