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Welcome, new DAS tenant!

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Welcome to DAS

Thank you for choosing DAS student houses to be your home. At any time during your stay, you are welcome to drop into the DAS housing office or send email to to say hello or ask a question. Please take some time to study the housing guide, where all the important matters concerning your living conditions are explained.

DAS Kelo under construction

Follow the construction work day by day


A short introduction to the flats offered by DAS. More information will be added to home pages in the autumn.


DAS will start collecting plastics waste

Tenants’ voice has been heard and DAS will increase the possibilities to recycle and sort their waste. We have agreed with our partner MHK Oy for a pilot project for one year in which the plastics waste will be collected as separate transportation. In tenant pages, waste points on the yards and o...

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We have snow!

The winter has arrived and we now have a lovely winter scenery at Rovaniemi. It’s been snowing quite much during the last weekend. To be able to keep the yards, parking places and walking paths clear from snow please remember the following things - keep your bike only in the correct places. This ...

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Memory list for December

Memory list for December for exchange students Take part in DAS porridge day 3. DecemberIf you haven’t experienced any pre-Christmas parties yet –try to organize your own –ask help from your tutor for exampleGive DAS valuable feedback about living in DAS apartmentGet familiar with moving out in...

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Greetings from Markku

Dear tenants, members of the board of DAS, other elected persons and DAS staff! Since retiring from the position of University of Lapland Faculty of Law Administrative Manager on 1 September 2018 after 38 years, the position of trust in the board of DAS after 35 years is also coming to end. The y...

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Toivotamme hyvää Jean Sibeliuksen päivää tämän kauniin itsenäisyyspäivän kuvan myötä! // We wish all a nice Jean Sibelius Day with this lovely photo from Independence Day! 🎶🇫🇮 #Repost @rualinardy with @get_repost ・・・ . #finland #suomi #itsenäisyyspäivä #rovaniemi #winter #snow #domusarctica #arktistaopiskelijaelämää
Voittaja on selvillä, italian tyylisen piparin seikkailut keräsivät eniten tykkäyksiä. Kiitos kaikille kävijöille ja osallistujille! Ihanaa joulunaikaa 🎅🏻❄️😊 // The winner is here! The italian style gingerbread got the most likes. Thank you for visiting and participating! Have a nice Christmas time 🎅🏻❄️😄 #Repost @aleksandriara with @get_repost ・・・ #gingerbread adventures 🍪🎅🎁🇮🇹 . . . #dasxmas #domusarctica #finland #rovaniemi #mezzogiorno #italy #italia #loveitaly #topitalyphoto #traveller #international #lapland #finnishlapland #santashometown #universityoflapland #christmas #boringmonday #photooftheday
Tänään aloitetaan joulun aika DASilla! Tule nauttimaan joulupuurosta ja ota osaa piparinkoristelukilpailuun. Linkki ohjeisiin biossa. // Today starts the Christmas time at DAS. Come to anjoy some Christmas porridge and take part in ginger bread decoration contest! Link to instructions in bio. 🎅🏻❄️😄 #dasxmas #domusarctica #arktistaopiskelijaelämää #arcticstudentlife
Ensimmäiset asuntomoduulit siirtymässä paikoilleen. Tästä lähtee nousemaan #daskelo 😊🏗🏠 #puurakentaminen #domusarctica #opiskelijaasunnot #rovaniemi #arktistaopiskelijaelämää
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