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Open hours

DAS office is closed until further notice

DAS office will only serve the tenants face-to-face in matters related to picking up keys only on weekdays 12 noon - 3 p.m. except the first working day of every month 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please use the door bell to let us know you have arrived to pick up the keys. We will give your keys but you have to show your ID card / passport first.

All our other electronic services can also be used as normal as our email

Exceptions in open hours

18.12.2020, 09:00-12:00 Open

21.12.2020-25.12.2020 Closed

01.01.2021 Closed

Verkkopalvelumme käyttää evästeitä käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi. Lue lisää Voit estää evästeiden käytön selainasetuksista.