In order to miss a single letter, mark your name on the mailbox and inform the Finnish postal service Posti your address. Make sure to let them know the exact address with the room number as well (for example Kuntotie 8 A 49 C) also for those from whom you are expecting mail (for example friends, subscription magazines).

You can get special stickers from the DAS office which prevent you from getting advertisements or all mail you have not subscribed for. You can also collect a nametag from the DAS office. Remember to remove the nametag upon moving out.

When moving out of your apartment temporarily for example for your student exchange, summerjob or internship, let DAS know your active email address, so we will mail you all the important notices and invoices.

Return all the mail that is not meant for you into the “palautettavat” –locker. Take all unnecessary magazines and papers to the recycling container.

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