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Tenant's Checklist for Maintenance

Small maintenance tasks in the apartment such as changing the lightbulbs or cleaning the shower drain are the responsibility of the tenant.

However, bigger maintenance tasks, repairs and painting are always executed by the DAS maintenance service.

If you are not sure whether the task at hand belongs to the tenant or DAS maintenance, you can check it from the list below or contact DAS maintenance service by phone at 020 7699 180. Always remember to make notes of faults at www.das.fi/vikailmoitus

 Maintenance task  DAS fixes Tenant fixes Additional information
venting the radiators from excess air    x key from the office
fixing the radiator and its valves  x    
adjusting the room temperature  x   tenant measures and notifies
fixing and repairing the cooker hood  x    
cleaning the cooker hood and its filter    x  
cleaning the ventilation valves    x  
fixing the ventilation valves  x    
replaing the faucet seals  x    
fixing/replacing the tap/faucet  x    
attaching and installing the dishwasher or a laundry machine    x always use a professional
sink plugs   x  
fixing the sinks and the toilet seat  x    
leaks in the plumbing  x    notify immediately
changing burnt out fuses    x  
structural electric fittings and cables  x    
the lamps in the apartment(installing and changing the bulbs)    x  
fixing  the switches  x    
fixing (electric- and IT-) the sockets  x    
"sugarcube", lamp socket and the lamp hook    
fixing the Windows and their insulation seals  x    
washing the windows    x see: cleaning instructions
installing louvres/blinds    x only between the window glasses
doors of the apartment  x    
mailbox, name plate and the doorbell  x    
name- and other tags    x you'll get from the DAS office
fixing the keys and replacing the locks  x   chraged from the tenant if necessary
 additional keys x    contact DAS Maintenance
 changing the batteries to the keys x   visit the DAS office
closets, drawers, hanging poles, clothing hanger mirrors and fire alarm etc.  x    
fixing the fridge and the stove  x    
cleaning the fridge and the stove    x  
changing the lightbulbs for the fridge and the stove    x  
painting and fixing the walls  x    
fixing the floor  x    


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