A parking spot is reserved through the electronic booking system which can be found on the tenant pages. You can get the key for the heating pole from DAS Customer Service. The parking spot comes with a charge and the monthly fee is added to your rent invoice.

Times for carheating poles

The heating is on between 4 am and 9 pm.

The electricity is on in the poles during the heating times mentioned above in relation with the outdoor temperature as follows:

  • the heating starts when the outdoor temperature drops below +5 degrees and works in 10-minute pulses when the temperature is between +5 and -15 degrees Celsius
  •  when the outdoor temperature is -5 degrees the heating is on for a 10-minute pulse, followed with a 10-minute break
  • If the temperature is -10 degrees, the heating is on for a 20-minute pulse, followed with a 10-minute break
  • If the temperature is below -15 degrees Celsius, the heating is on full time during the heating period
  • The parking spots DAS Rovala

    The heating poles in Rovala are on when the temperature is below -3 degrees Celcius as it follows:

    4.30 am – 8.00 am        10 am – 12 am             2 pm – 4pm                 6pm – 8pm

    Guests spots

    Guests can temporarily park their cars on spots that say “VIERASPAIKKA”.

    Due to the lack of parking spots in certain areas, all buildings do not necessarily have guest spots. If there are no guest spots, please check if there are any available spots on the tenant pages. Your guest can temporarily park their car there. Please notice that if anyone reserves that particular spot, the guest must move their car elsewhere.

    You mustn’t leave the heating cable on the pole.

    Notice that electricity is conducted through the cable and it is dangerous for children and pets.

    If DAS Maintenance Service notices that the tenant is using an indoor heater for the car and if the heating cable disturbs the cleaning, snow clearing and maintenance work in the yards and parking areas, the tenant will be notified of this and the heating cable will be detached.

    The cable breaks easily if the snow ploughing in the parking areas is done with machines. The damaged cable that gets in touch with a puddle or slush can also electrify the nearby surroundings and form a serious hazard.

    Indoor car heaters

    Using indoor car heaters in DAS parking areas is forbidden. The heating system and wiring in the DAS parking yards is designed so that the fuse size cannot handle the charge of the indoor heater. If a tenant uses an indoor heater, the main fuse in the control room will burn out and disable all of the poles connected to it and the heating stops working. Changing the fuse during daytime costs around 165€. Additionally, using the indoor heater can lead to an additional bill due to increased electricity consumption.


    All of the housing areas of Domus Arctica –säätiö have been marked with the traffic signs that indicate that parking is only allowed on the designated spots or on spots that come with a charge. This enables the city and DAS to supervise parking and wrong parking can be fined.


    Parking ban concerns motorized vehicles and it covers driving and moving the vehicle on yards, inner yards, walkways and pathways for those who are not moving to a DAS apartment. Especially lawns must be minded. Maintenance paths and emergency exits and entries must be kept available all times to ensure that emergency vehicles and maintenance vehicles can access them at all times. Regulations and guidelines concerning parking are a part of security measures.


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