Note of Fault

We recommend you to make the notes of fault online so you’ll get a response fast and for sure, as long you write your email on the right spot on the form.

The note of fault can be about the apartment or the building (the elevator, sauna, bike shed) or the housing area (waste containers, entrance) for example if:
-          it is too hot or cold (inform the temperature on your DAS thermometer)
-          the doors or windows don’t close properly
-          the air conditioning does not work properly
-          the windows fog or frost
-          if a machine gets broken
-          the tap, sink etc. leaks
-          the drain is clogged
-          there are unusual smells
-          if you are unsure about the way something should work
-          the elevator/sauna is dirty
-          the front-door is kept open


Do not hesitate, act. Note of fault

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