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Pests like Bed Bugs

There are many different kinds of pests and some of the most common ones found in Finland are rats, ants, silverfish, bed bugs, and Attagenus woodroffei beetle.

If you detect a pest in your apartment, contact DAS maintenance service immediately. They will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed. It is crucial that the issue is dealt with immediately and the extermination can begin. Extermination at DAS is always done by a professional.

For more information about pests, feel free to check out the website of our partner company, Raksystem Anticimex: 

Bed Bug

The size of a bed bug varies from 2 to 8 millimetres, and they move at night. During daytime they hide for example in the cracks of furniture, behind frames and underneath flooring strips. Bed bugs leave black dots of faeces behind which helps detecting their existence in the apartment even during daytime.

Pests such as bed bugs, ticks or fleas get inside apartments easily for example in people’s clothing, furniture and beds. This means that one must be cautious when buying used sofas or beds. Usually bad hygiene and uncleanliness increase the amount of pests.

The uncomfortable bed bug has become increasingly common also in Finland in recent years. Unfortunately, some individual cases of bed bugs have been detected in DAS apartments as well. DAS hopes that all possible cases of bed bugs are immediately notified with a note of fault so that we can take necessary actions as soon as possible. Not informing DAS about the pests leads to a liability of monetary compensation to DAS (terms of tenancy agreement).

Extermination at DAS is always done by a professional, i.e. an exterminator. Guidelines for how to notice bedbugs and how to prepare for the extermination can be found on the bottom of this page. You may also contact DAS Customer Service or Maintenance Service.

Bed bugs do not normally prevent living in the apartment, although they are an unfortunate nuisance. The best way to get rid of them is by extermination, which may have to be repeated more than once. For a successful extermination, it is very important that the tenants follow the given instructions. Moving to another apartment does not usually solve the issue unless the extermination is done thoroughly. It is likely that the tenant carries some of the bed bugs with them to the new apartment.

It is the responsibility of the lessor to take immediate actions in response to the detection of bedbugs. However, the lessor does not have a liability to cover or compensate for the damages to the tenants furniture or for the time the tenant may have to stay out of the apartment.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to inform DAS immediately after noticing pests, and to follow the given instructions. Remember that only with a thorough extermination can the pests be gotten rid of.

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