Some apartments have a spot with necessary electric- and water attachments ready for a dishwasher. If you wish to install a dishwasher, always ask a professional to do the installation, don't do it by yourself. DAS Maintenance service does not install any home electronics or machines.  All connections to the water pipe must be pressure-tight. The tap you use for the washing machine must have a check valve (backflow protection, picture below). Make sure to check the attachments and connections from time to time. Always use a plastic cover underneath the dishwasher to make sure that in case of a minor leak the water does not spread around and damage the floor.

When you are not using the washing machine/dishwasher, close the washing machine/dishwasher valve as continuous water pressure can break the water hose and cause it to start leaking. In addition, you should never leave the machine on when you are not present.

When you move out again, they must be reinstalled. It is the tenant's responsibility to see to that the ends of the water intake and outtake pipes of your dishwasher and washing machine are carefully plugged when you move out. You can buy plugs from a hardware store.

Picture: check valve

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