The deposit you have paid is your guarantee for fulfilling the obligations due to your tenancy and for taking care of the apartment for DAS. The deposit must be paid before the keys to the apartment are handed over to you.

Please consider that we do not accept payment commitments or guarantees from Kela or any other authority, but the payment must always be done as a bank transfer. If necessary, contact Kela and ask them to pay the deposit as it is instructed in the deposit invoice sent with the apartment offer.

The deposit will be returned to the tenant when it is clear that there are no unfulfilled obligations for the tenant (i.e. the tenant has returned the keys of the apartment, the apartment is in a normal and clean condition, there are no outstanding payments etc.) to the bank account that the tenant has informed. If the deposit has been paid by Kela, it will be refunded back to Kela.

DAS is allowed, without hearing the tenant, use the deposit to cover the costs that have been caused by unfulfilling the tenant’s obligations. No interest is paid on the deposit.

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