25.09.2018 tenant activities

From tenants for tenants!

What links seven students from different fields of studies, exercise tools, gyms, sewing machines and trips to Ranua and Ikea? Well the TENANT COMMITTEE! If the tenant committee is unknown to you, keep on reading. Since the beginning of this year the practices of Domus Arctica’s tenant committees...

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13.09.2018 tenant activities

Tenant activity

DAS has always had very lively tenant activity and tenant democracy rules at DAS. This means that you have the right to gain information about DAS’ finance, the condition of the apartments and the decisions made. The tenant committee supervises the tenants’ benefit and promotes the quality of living...

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06.09.2018 DAS Lauri, Jukola, exchange student

DAS Lauri of the Seven brothers is the first of the Jukola houses to get a new look

This fall DAS Lauri is accommodated by exchange students for the first time. As do the exchange students, almost all new DAS tenants move to surroundings that they are not familiar with. We wanted to make the start of studying as pleasant and easy as possible. As a part of this goal we carried ou...

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03.09.2018 DAS Base, tenant services

DAS Base

What is this space for? We don’t know yet, but we hope you do! INNOVATE, DREAM, AND DESIGN! DAS Base will be a place for exchange students, but we want YOU to tell us what this space should be used for! What does the space need? What furniture is required? What colours do you love? You can ...

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03.09.2018 Das Bike, common bike, tenant services

DAS Bike

DAS wants to take part in building better everyday life for students in Rovaniemi. That's why we are introducing new DAS Bikes, available for use for all DAS tenants. DAS Bikes start rolling on streets starting from this autumn. How it works All DAS tenants can use the DAS Bike. Remember ...

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03.09.2018 tenant services, services

Tenant services

DAS and the tenants have both wished that the students have all sorts of nice activities to places for these activities. The tenant services include free-of-charge laundry rooms, sauna turns, some clubrooms and different items that are up for borrowing. Parking spots, gyms, and some clubrooms com...

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03.09.2018 maintenance service

Maintenance Service

DAS has its own maintenance servicemen and several partners for different property maintenance tasks. If you notice a fault in the apartment, make an electronic note of fault: www.das.fi/vikailmoitus. The housing guide on our tenant pages has a checklist for tenants, on which you can see what kind o...

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03.09.2018 shared living, shared apartment, flatmate

The survival guide for shared living

You’ll always have company in a shared apartment, On the other hand, we all need some personal peace and space every now and then. For some people, a shared apartment is the number one choice for living in the beginning of their student life – just like an once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing and on the...

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