Tenant activity

Tenant activity

DAS has always had very lively tenant activity and tenant democracy rules at DAS. This means that you have the right to gain information about DAS’ finance, the condition of the apartments and the decisions made. The tenant committee supervises the tenants’ benefit and promotes the quality of living. The tenant committee members are chosen in the tenant meetings during the autumn (usually in October). The term of office for the committee is one calendar year. The tenant committee tries to organise itself so that its members represent different DAS housing areas as broadly as possible. Come join and influence the matters of your own housing area and whole DAS. Take part in the tenant meeting when the invitation arrives!

The tenant committee is not about dry decision-making, but on the contrary, they process tenant feedback, plan activities and events for the tenants (including board game nights, trips to Ikea or Ranua Zoo, skiing trips, get-togethers, Christmas parties and events to get to know one’s neighbours etc.). Moreover, the tenant committee upkeeps different spaces for tenants (including clubrooms and gyms) with DAS and gets the necessary equipment for these spaces.

Come join the tenant committee, you’ll find the contact information on our tenant pages and the tenant committee members also let know of their activities in the Facebook-groups made for each housing area. You can find the groups with the names DAS Asemarinne, DAS Kuntotie, DAS Anninportti and DAS Rantavitikka.

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