DAS Lauri of the Seven brothers is the first of the Jukola houses to get a new look

DAS Lauri of the Seven brothers is the first of the Jukola houses to get a new look

This fall DAS Lauri is accommodated by exchange students for the first time. As do the exchange students, almost all new DAS tenants move to surroundings that they are not familiar with. We wanted to make the start of studying as pleasant and easy as possible.

As a part of this goal we carried out a plan of the Jukola housing area’s signposts and visual look with our partner Luovatoimisto Ranka. First one to get the new look was the Lauri which had changed a house full of short time tenants; exchange students.


“We wanted to create Jukola houses coherent look that suits all the houses in the area. The key element in the icon is stylized heart, which squares consist of the Seven brothers and Venla, the girl next door.  The icon is minimalistic and modern but the inspiration came from traditional Finnish birch bark work, the era and the world view of the Seven brothers”, tells Sallamaari Syrjä from Luova toimisto Ranka, the designer behind the icon.


Each house in Jukola area will get its own colour, which is repeated in the different icons in the house. The colour also represents the turn of mind of the specific brother the house is named after. “In Seven brothers Lauri is creative child of the nature, so the colour of the Lauri was decided to be forest green, the colour of nature, thinking and balance”, tells Sallamaari.

Check the Jukola houses and other DAS apartments in here.

What is Jukola?

Jukola is one of DAS housing areas, located in Rantavitikka campus area. Jukola is also something else to us Finns. Seven brothers is a novel by author Aleksis Kivi and one of the significant peaces of Finnish literature. It is also one of the first novels written in Finnish. The birth house of the seven brothers is called Jukola. The seven brothers are Juhani, Tuomas, Aapo, Simeoni, Timo, Lauri and Eero from eldest to youngest. Also the DAS Jukola houses has been built in that order. Venla is the girl next door who married Juhani of the seven brothers in the novel. 

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