DAS Bike

DAS Bike

DAS wants to take part in building better everyday life for students in Rovaniemi. That's why we are introducing new DAS Bikes, available for use for all DAS tenants. DAS Bikes start rolling on streets starting from this autumn.

How it works

All DAS tenants can use the DAS Bike. Remember to lock the bike every time it is in your use, for example while shopping. Return the bike back to the place you took it from and leave it unlocked, so that someone else can also use the bike. All bikes are numbered, and they have a specific place where they belong :

  • Bikes 11-13 Anninportti D
  • Bikes 14-15 DAS Office
  • Bikes 16-25 DAS XI, Kuntotie 3
  • Bikes 1-10 can be taken into use for longer periods of time after paying a deposit (more information on our tenant pages). 

When using the bike, tend it as if it were yours. If the bike requires small fixing such as oiling the chains, pumping the tires, or tightening the screws, do that on your own. The places where bikes are kept and the DAS Office have tools for maintaining the bike. You can also use the bike fixing stand on the laundry room balcony of DAS Aapo. If something about the bike breaks (for example, the pedal or the built-in stand break, there’s a tire-puncture etc.), make a note of fault at www.das.fi/vikailmoitus.

Please remember

You are biking on your own responsibility. Use a hel met, and a light and reflectors during the dark, and al ways take the road conditions into consideration, the bike does not come with, for example, winter tires.

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