Recycling is good!

DAS wishes to enable easy and convenient sorting of waste and recycling for the tenants. The waste management in DAS buildings is done by MH-Kuljetus. Recycling and sorting of waste are a clearly important matter to our tenants. A lot of feedback concerning the topic is also given, for example, in o...

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Some information about car parking

Car parking places can be reserved at electronic booking system at the DAS tenant pages. Car parking place costs 7 €/month. Guests can park their cars temporarily to the places labelled as VIERASPAIKKA. Heating times are told at DAS tenant pages as well as on notice boards of the houses...

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The Moment Strikes

It is time for the first farewell-party and all of the surprise guests push towards the blind corner of the room in order to surprise the unsuspecting person soon to be leaving. The echoes of the joyful screams bear melancholy and we have all now reach the point we thought would still take a long wh...

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Be ecological and start using e-invoice!

New rent bills for the year 2017 are on their way to mailboxes starting on 9 December 2016. Please contact dasaspa@das.fi if you didn't receive yours. Did you know that you can also start using e-invoice when paying the rent? You need to order the e-invoice through your nebank. You will specify...

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Porridge day started the Christmas season again

Delighful many tenants and students found their way to DAS office on Porridge day. It is really nice sometimes to take a minute for relaxing, chatting with neighbours and enjoy the Finnish Christmas food. In the raffle between visitors the price (DAS bagback and basket full of Christmas delicacies) ...

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