17.12.2020 customer service, opening hours

Opening times in Christmas time

Customer service is available via email and phone Friday 18 December 9-12. We are closed 21.12.-27.12.2020 and 1.1.2021.   Attention!  Round the clock service:  Emergency faults outside office hoursISS Palvelut Oy Phone: +358 200 155 00     &nb...

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17.12.2020 electric van, maintenance service

Electric van to DAS maintenance service

DAS maintenance service will have a modern Peugeot e-Expert electric van before end of 2020, and by switching to an electric car, the annual CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of the DAS maintenance service will be reduced by approx. 1.3 tonnes. The energy consumption of the electric van...

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17.12.2020 safety, tips


Candles Remember to be careful when burning candles. Please, not leave a burning candle unattended. Also make sure that candle is on a fireproof base.  Edible fats Edible fats such as ham fats are not allowed to pour to drains Charging your phone at night is a major fire safety haz...

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17.12.2020 maintenance service, winter

Snow, snow, snow!

To be able to keep the yards, parking places and walking paths clear from snow please remember the following things Keep your bike only in the correct places. This means in bike racks or in bike shelters or storages.Park your car only to marked parking places.Take care of emptying the snow from y...

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17.12.2020 shared car

The shared cars came to Rovaniemi

At the end of November in cooperation with PlanBil Ltd we brought three shared cars to the street scene in Rovaniemi. Both DAS students and other Rovaniemi habitants can rent cars for their use. This is a 6-month long trial, during which the response for this service will be examined. Shared cars...

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17.12.2020 managing director, talking point

Good news – Christmas is coming

Dear DAS tenants, I am very pleased that during this exceptional time you have been faithful tenants. You have been very understanding of the measures taken during the exceptional period when we have restricted customer service in close contact and placed downtime in the common areas of the ten...

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17.12.2020 tenant committee, christmas

The tenants’ committee distributes chocolate bars

Unfortunately due to the covid-19 situation DAS does not host a traditional porridge day this year. Instead the tenants’ committee distributes 200 chocolate bars. The tenants’ committee distributes chocolate bars on Friday 18.12.20: Kuntotie 8 between 12.00-12.30DAS III/Ratakatu 10betwee...

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