Get to know building information model in virtual reality and have an impact on the design process for a new student apartment building

Domus Arctica -säätiö (DAS) is building a new eight-story wooden apartment building in Rantavitikka near University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences during year 2018. The RDI-services of Lapland UAS is arranging a co-design event for future users. In the co-design event th...

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Let's go to sauna!

We thank all who answered our questionary about sauna turns and gave feedback. The feedback questionary was sent to 1562 tenants and all together 297 tenants answered. The response rate is 19 %, which is unfortunately quite small amount of tenants and some what low rate. Therefore it must be tak...

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Rent check was made with moderate increase at DAS starting 1.1.2018

DAS increases the rents for the year 2018 on average by 2%. The increase enables long-term property maintenance and planned yearly renovations. The increase is modest considering the fact that since 2001 -according to the index building comparison made by Kiinteistöliitto (Finnish Property union) - ...

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06.11.2017 editorial, communication

What about communication?

I participated in a communications fair with my colleagues in order to learn new ways of communicating. I –a Facebook-user already a bit on the elderly side – take photos with my phone and post pictures of myself, my hobbies and the foods that I’ve enjoyed. I read though my Twitter feed and sometime...

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