30.04.2021 free apartments

Apartments available – Tip to a friend!

Apartment from DAS to a student or to a trainee for a summer! Or would you like to live with your friend? Now is the time to seize the opportunity! Check out the apartments and apply:das.fi

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30.04.2021 DAS Venla, renovating, studios, new apartment building

DAS renovates and builds

New! Temotek Oy is building a 7-storey apartment house for DAS. There will be 86 studios. The house should be ready in the fall of 2022. DAS Venla renovation is on schedule The renovation of DAS Venla is progressing on schedule so there  will soon be able to furnish the studios in Rant...

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30.04.2021 notice of complaint, vandalism

Comfortable living belongs to everyone

Disturbances by neighbour  If you feel disturbed please make a written complaint. If you have caused any kind of disturbance, you´ll get the notice from DAS. DAS hopes that also you will consider other tenants, who like to sleep at night.   The parties You are not allowe...

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30.04.2021 moving out

Moving out from DAS?

Removable waste containers for tenants’ use Asemarinne: DAS I, Ratakatu 8 Kuntotie: DAS X, Kuntotie 10 Rantavitikka: DAS Aapo, Ylikorvantie 23   Removable waste containers are at place 26.4.-7.5. and 24.5.-4.6. Please remember: NO hazardous waste or electronic equipment in th...

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30.04.2021 subrenting

Subrenting in the summer/summer tenant

DAS approves subleasing for summer tenants as well. Between 1.5. and 31.8. the subtenant does not have to be a student.  Do as follows: Make a written, fixed-term agreement with the subtenantAgree on the due date of the rent for example for the 2nd of each monthTake a deposit before handi...

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30.04.2021 maintenance, renovations

Upcoming maintenance and renovations during summer and autumn

There will be installed LED- lights to the yards of DAS Lauri, DAS Eero and DAS TimoVentilation ducts will be cleanded in DAS I, DAS V, DAS Tuomas, DAS Männistö, DAS Anninportti D and E.There are planned to repair or change the windows of DAS Kota.Saunas in DAS Timo, DAS Laavu and DAS Lukkari will b...

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30.04.2021 inquiry

Customer satisfaction inquiry was done on March

94,3% recommends DAS Thank you for the tenants who answered the inquiry. Your opinions about matters that are great or not so good at DAS are very important for us in developing our services. The response rate was this year 26 %. According to the feedback we will develop further our process of...

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30.04.2021 tenant committee, tenant democracy

What is it that tenant committees do?

Tasks: promotes comfortable living with a yearly allocationsupervises tenants' interests in decicion making at DASnominate tenants' representative for board of DAShandle tenants' complaints and initiativesdecides for order regulationsMembers for tenant committees are selected in election before t...

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19.04.2021 Containers, Moving out

Waste containers to help moving out!

DAS will bring big waste containers to the yards in order to help those DAStenants who are moving out. There you can leave stuff you can´t take with you when moving out.    You can find the containers 26.4. – 7.5.2021 and 24.5 – 4.6.2021 in following places: Asemarinne: DAS III, R...

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09.04.2021 Covid-19

Corona related arrangements in DAS 9.4.2021

Corona related arrangements in DAS    In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infections the Lapland Regional State Administrative Agency continues to ban all events for more than 20 people in the Lapland Hospital District (earlier more than 6 people).     &nbs...

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