25.09.2018 tenant activities

From tenants for tenants!

What links seven students from different fields of studies, exercise tools, gyms, sewing machines and trips to Ranua and Ikea? Well the TENANT COMMITTEE! If the tenant committee is unknown to you, keep on reading. Since the beginning of this year the practices of Domus Arctica’s tenant committees...

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13.09.2018 tenant activities

Tenant activity

DAS has always had very lively tenant activity and tenant democracy rules at DAS. This means that you have the right to gain information about DAS’ finance, the condition of the apartments and the decisions made. The tenant committee supervises the tenants’ benefit and promotes the quality of living...

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26.09.2017 tenant activities

Tenant activities at DAS!

  Word cloud consists of words that DAS tenants have written in Mentimeter. The words describe the DAS tenants' opinions about good tenant activities or things that they see tenant activities should include. Tenant committees will use this word cloud to help the planning of the future tenant...

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