Living in shared apartment during the summer

Some of the shared apartments/rooms are empty during the summer. The empty shared apartments will be cleaned by cleaning company during the summer. So if you are living in an apartment where the other room is empty the cleaners might visit the apartment some day during the summer. You don’t need to ...

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Bigger waste containers to help moving out

Removable waste containers for tenants’ use to help moving out can be found atAsemarinne: DAS III, Ratakatu 10, Kuntotie: DAS X, Kuntotie 10 and Rantavitikka: DAS Aapo, Ylikorvantie 23 Removable waste containers are at place 22.5.-5.6.2017. Please remember: NO hazardous waste or elect...

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18.05.2017 tenant services

The sauna turns are renewed, starting from 1.6.2017

DAS and tenant committees have decided together to renew the system for booking DAS sauna turns. How do the sauna turns function now? Currently, tenants can book their own sauna turn with a separate charge and the reservation is active at least for a month at a time. Beside this, tenants have ...

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Most beautiful student home -local winner

Make room beautiful is a story about a person walking in a students home. This home is a room in a shared apartment in student house in Rovaniemi. Véssal Rajab wanted to participate in the most beautiful student home competition because he thought it was a nice idea to have this kind of competition....

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DAS tenants in second generation

Interviewed: Nella and Miisa Vuolli   I ring the doorbell in Rantavitikka and a moment later, a young woman, Nella Vuolli, opens the door. She and her sister Miisa have agreed to be interviewed by me. We meet at the nicely and homely decorated two-bedroom apartment of Nella and her boyfri...

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We are looking for the most beautiful student home

Finnish student housing operators jointly organize Finland’s most beautiful student home contest. You have now opportunity to show that student home can also be cosy and beautiful. Show your home on a video and you could win great prizes! A local and a final round are organized for the contest. T...

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16.03.2017 correspondent

The Return to Uppsala

I went to the cathedral today. I did not really have a reason to go there because I had taken all the necessary tourist-photos of the beautiful windows and paintings a while ago. I sat down and followed the group of tourists slowly wandering through the church aisles. I am in no rush. I am not sure ...

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The last week is like an endless chain of goodbyes. Farewell cards, hugs, plans about next times we meet - daily. The last day goes by in a rush. Suitcases move from one place to another, the door to my room closes for one last time. The bus follows the same familiar route through the city and I sti...

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09.01.2017 editorial

Eyes on Rantavitikka for constructing new

The basic task of DAS is to offer reasonably priced living for those studying at Rovaniemi. For long, we have been preparing to release two buildings at Kuntotie, and planned on building new apartments close to the student campus. We wish to be ground breakers in construction, and pioneers together ...

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Recycling is good!

DAS wishes to enable easy and convenient sorting of waste and recycling for the tenants. The waste management in DAS buildings is done by MH-Kuljetus. Recycling and sorting of waste are a clearly important matter to our tenants. A lot of feedback concerning the topic is also given, for example, in o...

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