Remember to be careful when burning candles. Please, not leave a burning candle unattended. Also make sure that candle is on a fireproof base.

 Edible fats

Edible fats such as ham fats are not allowed to pour to drains

Charging your phone at night is a major fire safety hazard!

Did you know that charging your phone during the night is a fire safety hazard? The battery may overheat and catch fire. This can happen with other electronic appliances too so please don´t leave them on or charging when you cannot monitor them.

Prepare your home for Christmas

If your home is going to be empty for Christmas, remember to check these tips before you leave

  • take out alla trash
  • empty the fridge of any spoiling food
  • ensure that faucets are closed

If you spend Christmas at home, our instructions are more succinct: enjoy Christmas time just he way you like it. Just remember to consider the Christmas peace of neighbors and roommates :)


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