Subrenting in the summer/summer tenant

Subrenting in the summer/summer tenant

DAS approves subleasing for summer tenants as well. Between 1.5. and 31.8. the subtenant does not have to be a student.

 Do as follows:

  • Make a written, fixed-term agreement with the subtenant
  • Agree on the due date of the rent for example for the 2nd of each month
  • Take a deposit before handing over the keys
  • Give the keys of your apartment only personally to the subtenant. Do not use intermediaries.
  • Remember to agree on returning the keys.
  • Inform DAS on the sublease with the electronic form that’s on the tenant pages


  • As the main tenant you are still in charge of the rent payments and the condition of the apartment
  • A shared apartment cannot be subleased to the person of the opposite sex. A studio or a room in a shared apartment cannot be subleased to more than one person at a time.
  • We recommend you to visit Rovaniemi at least once in the summer time to see how the subtenant is doing or ask someone to do it for you.


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