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Information for Master and Bachelor Students

The applications are stored in order of arrival in our tenant allocation program, in this way all applicants and applications are sequentially numbered. Only the date of delivery of an application is registered, not the time of day.

The waiting time for different types of apartments varies. Easiest and fastest you can receive an offer for a shared apartment. Waiting time for a studio can be as long as one year. For new students moving alone we recommend to apply for a room in a shared apartment.

New applications are arriving daily so the waiting list is constantly changing. New applicants are placed in sequential order. You can always inform to us dasaspa@das.fi, if you have some essential changes to your application.

Vacant apartments are assigned according to the waiting list. In order to obtain an apartment you must reply to the "offer" within the stated deadline and be prepared to take over the apartment on the given date. If we do not receive your acceptance, the apartment will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. In this case your application will be cancelled and void. The reason for this is to avoid keeping apartments vacant.

Students who start their studies for the first year have priority every year in August and September but please notice that DAS can't offer apartment to all new students.

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