HomeApplyInformation for Exchange StudentsWhat if there is a specific type of an apartment I want?

If you have special preferences for your accommodation, please mark those preferences in the ‘additional information’ -section of your application, or send a brief email to dasaspa@das.fi. You can mention, for example, about allergies, smoking, your religion, if you use or not use alcohol, name of the friend you want to share the apartment with etc.

DAS tries to arrange people with the same interests in the same apartment but we cannot promise that we can fulfill all your wishes.

We ask for your preferences in the application but due to the large amount of applicants and limited amount of rooms/apartments it is not always possible to get the option you wished for. For example, you may be offered a room in a three-room apartment instead of a room in a two-room apartment, which you may have wished for. If you receive a housing offer like this, it means that your first choice was no longer available and this is the best available room/apartment for you.

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