Memory list for December

Memory list for December

Memory list for December for exchange students

  • Take part in DAS porridge day 3. December
  • If you haven’t experienced any pre-Christmas parties yet –try to organize your own –ask help from your tutor for example
  • Give DAS valuable feedback about living in DAS apartment
  • Get familiar with moving out instructions
  • Inform DAS your bank details to get back the deposit
  • Remember to clean your apartment before leaving – do it together with your flat mates
  • ESN Lapland is the organization who takes care of recycling your things you want to leave behind for future exchange students
  • Return the keys in time
  • Enjoy the Christmas spirit the whole time you still are at Rovaniemi. Visit Santa Claus Village now if you haven’t yet.
  • Leave Rovaniemi with lots of nice memories about studying in Finland, Finnish culture and the people in Lapland.

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