Welcome home!

Welcome home!

The new semester has started and DAS homes are filled with tenants after the summer. We have collected a list of important things for tenants to make living and doing things easy.

  • Make sure that your email address is up to date because for example we send information to the tenants by e-mail. 
  • We often get questions about the indoor temperature of the apartments. The target temperature of the apartment during the heating season is 19-21 C. If the apartment feels cold check first the room temperature from the indoor thermometer. If the apartment temperature is below 19C and above 21C, fill the note of fault. Remember to mark the thermometer reading to the note of fault.
  • Sharing a home with either a familiar friend or a completely unknown roommate will be a good thing. It would be good go discuss with your roommate and agree on common ground rules such as cleaning shifts.
  • If you have problems with the Internet, please contact Telia directly.
  • Paying the rent is a part of normal daily routines. Please check out that the reference number is correct when paying the rent or other payments.
  • DAS customer service is abnormally open from time to time. Please check out opening hours at DAS website.
  • Please, check out the housing guide and reservation system on the tenants pages.

If you have any concerns – contact DAS!

Good luck with your studies and have a great time living in DAS!


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