Applying for housing: Frequently asked questions

Applying for housing: Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions regarding the availability of apartments and the status of the housing application. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How are tenants selected?

We make all tenant selections based on the housing applications, so all applicants must submit an electronic housing application on our website. We consider the reasons for needing a new apartment and the urgency of the situation of each tenant, so applicants in the most urgent need for housing will be prioritized. Therefore, the number and situation of other applicants who have applied for same apartment have an influence on the apartment offering.

In addition, we consider applicants’ income level in accordance with the wealth limits of ARA apartments.

What is my position in the apartment queue?

DAS does not have apartment queues at all, as all tenant selections are made based on the applicants’ need of an apartment and the urgency of their situation.

How to apply for apartments that are coming available?

On our website you can see apartments that are coming available. When an apartment is coming available, it means that in can be avalaible from the beginning of next month or the month after that. We do not recommend to fill out an housing application based on the apartments that are coming available beacause it might not be availble when you need the apartment. Please note that we consider all applicants’ situation also when offering immediately available apartments, 

I have submitted an application but I have not received any response?

We will not respond to all applicants, but we will contact you by email if we are able to offer you an apartment. You will receive an automated confirmation email when your housing application is successfully submitted in our system.

How can I edit/delete my application?

After submitting an application, you will receive an automated confirmation email which includesyour application number. You can edit your application from this link: https://das.fi/en/Apply/Renewal-and-editing-of-application.

Applications are valid for 90 days. Our system will send you an automatic message about renewing your application. By answering that email, you can keep your application valid.

In order to edit the application from the link, you need your application number and your birthdate in the form of DDMMYY (if you have Finnish social security number use that).

What if I cannot provide the attachments when submitting the application?

You can still apply for an apartment! Attachments, such as an internship contract or a certificate of a study place, are asked when we have sent an apartment offer. If you accept the offer, please provide attachments in the confirmation email.

We recommend you to submit your housing application as soon as you know you need a new apartment, even if you do not yet have the necessary attachments. Then we can take a look at your situation already in advance.

Does visiting the DAS office or calling affect my chances of getting an apartment?

Calling or visiting the office will not affect your chances of getting an apartment, as all apartments are rented based on the housing applications, and we will consider the situation of all applicants when offering apartments. You may have to queue for our phone service, especially during busy times. If you want to update your information or tell us more about your housing needs, please update the changes directly to your housing application by editing your application.

How can I improve my chances of getting an apartment?

In addition to the other applicants, the chances of getting an apartment depend on the number of available apartments as well. If you apply for a certain type or size of apartment in a particular building, you may have to wait a long time before that kind of apartment is vacated. If you need an apartment quickly, we recommend that you apply for a wide range of different types of apartments in different areas.

What is the best time of the year to get an apartment?

The number of applicants and vacant apartments varies in different seasons. In the spring and early summer, there are more apartments vacated in relation to the number of applications compared to other seasons. In August-September, there are the most applicants, and all available apartments are rented out quickly. If you are able to schedule your moving later in the fall (October-November) or spring, you may have a better chance of getting an apartment from us.

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with our applying info, where you will find more information regarding our tenant selections and application process.

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