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Applying info

You can apply for an apartment from DAS if you study in Rovaniemi in an educational institute, which can be attended after Finnish comprehensive education.

You can study, for example, in
• University of Lapland
• Lapland University of Applied Sciences
• vocational institute
• high school / sixth form

In addition, international trainees, degree students and exchange student are eligible for DAS apartments.

If you are an exchange student, please click here for special information for exchange student accommodation. 

We follow the guidelines of ARA (The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland) in tenant selection. http://www.ara.fi/asukasvalinta

Tenancy agreements are made until further notice, except for trainees and exchange students who have fixed-term agreements.

DAS uses continuous applying period. Apartments become available throughout the year and we offer them forward for applicants daily.

Applications are valid for 90 days. You can renew your application on our website or alter it any time by contacting our customer service. Our system will send you an automatic message about renewing your application. By answering that email, you can keep your application valid.

Apartments are offered in the order of applying, this includes the apartments, which will be offered to new students from the beginning of August and September.

New students and floating applications have priority to receive an offer for apartments becoming available in the beginning of August and September. If you have started your studies in Rovaniemi already earlier, please notice that you need to accept apartment from 1.7. or wait for what is available starting on 1.10.

During spring and early summer, there are many choices when it comes to available apartments. This is also the best time of the year to change apartments within DAS, or apply for an apartment together with a friend.
We check your right to study before the tenancy agreement is signed. You will get instructions for proving your right to study when receiving the apartment offer.

Also, check out the  Criteria for tenant selection and DAS Data Protection.


New student

You can send an application even if your enrolment is not yet confirmed.
You might receive an apartment offer before your studies have been confirmed. In that case, please contact DAS customer service immediately so that you don’t lose the offer. 

Most of the apartments available to offer for new students are shared apartments.

We recommend you to make your application as broad as possible(=choose many housing areas and many apartment types).

DAS is not able to accommodate all the new students in the beginning of August and September. However, we will have available apartments every month, so remember to keep your application active.

When you receive an apartment offer

Act according to the instructions in the offer.

Deposit will be paid when reserving the apartment and it is:
• 200 € shared apartment
• 280 € furnished shared apartment
• 300 € studio
• 500 € 2 or 3 room (family) apartments

DAS has no opportunity to arrange housing introductions. Most of the time, all the apartments are reserved and at the time you receive an offer, it is most likely that someone is still living in the apartment you have been offered. If you wish to see the apartment beforehand, please contact DAS customer service if this can be arranged with the tenant who is still living in the apartment.

After receiving the offer, please answer to the offer email by the due date, attach your study certificate and pay the deposit. The deposit should be paid by the due date. Only the paid deposit will confirm and reserve the apartment for you. 

Please notice! Tenancy agreement becomes valid when a tenant has accepted the offer for an apartment. After acceptance the agreement becomes binding for both parties and to give notice of termination to this agreement regular termination practices and processes are followed, or the agreement can be terminated with a mutual contract between both parties, the lessor and the tenant.

Tenancy agreements are mostly signed electronically.
Under-aged students need to have written consent from their guardians.

Types of apartments

Shared apartment: 2-3 room apartments where all the tenants have their own room. Bathroom/toilet and kitchen is shared with other tenants. Men and women live in separate apartments.

Shared apartment with shared room: Shared apartment (in a building for exchange students) with a shared room (two people in the same room)
Individualized shared apartment: 2-room apartments in which each tenant has their own entrance, own room and own bathroom. The kitchen is shared. Women and men live in separate apartments. Individualized shared apartments can be found in Anninportti, Vellikellot DAS I, DAS II, DAS VII and DAS VIII
Studio: One room apartment. Size and shape can vary; there can also be a separate small bedroom. Always own bathroom. 
Two-room apartment: some of the apartments are like shared apartments with two separate rooms; some are with bedroom, a living room and kitchen. Suitable for couples and families.
• Three-room apartment: Two bedrooms and a living room and kitchen. Suitable for families. Only in DAS Kota, DAS I and DAS II. 

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