Greetings from the Managing Director

Greetings from the Managing Director

Dear DAS tenants

Spring has arrived very fast to Rovaniemi, when I am writing my greetings to you after Easter. There has been a rush in the University of Lapland, when more than seven thousand applicants have submitted their applications to the University. I wish, this is also good for DAS, when the selected students are going to apply for an apartment from DAS later in the summer. I hope that our apartments and rent will meet the wishes of future students.
DAS student homes consists different types of homes: shared apartments, studios and small two-room apartments in three different areas in Rovaniemi. You can apply for a shared apartment and live together with roommates, family apartment or your own studio. Renovation of two buildings named DAS Juhani and DAS Tuomas will be ready in August for the New tenants. There will be 86 studios and 5 small two-room apartments. There will be a common sauna, laundry and separate storage rooms for tenants to use. I truly believe that these apartments will be as popular as the similar apartments in DAS Venla.
For me personally, this is the last spring at DAS. I am wondering if I will have busy days of a pensioner ahead of me. Afterall the great work for students will continue at DAS. 

On March 31,2023, the DAS board reviewed the 2022 financial statements, and we can state that the year in DAS went by the plans. The financial situation turned out to be even better than what we had planned. With this, the development of our maintenance, apartments and operations will continue in the future as well.
I have worked at DAS as an Service Manager and Managing Director for 28 years. During this time we have renovated 11 houses between 1995 and 2021, and built 11 new houses between 1997 and 2022. Customer service and maintenance service have also been highly developed thanks to the digital revolution. Manual meter reading is no longer done, building automation takes care of that. Apartment applications are not sent by letter anymore, now the applications are handled in electronic services.
I've seen co-workers retiring or leaving to other jobs and new people coming to DAS. I was very pleased cause I had yet possibility to hire a new person to customer service. The New tenants who come every year and the young students have kept me and the other DAS personnell refreshed and vibrant all these years.
I feel happy when I am retiring and  I think I will often and with good memories remember DAS, tenants, co-workers, partners and colleagues. At the sametime, I want to warmly welcome Tuija Rompasaari-Salmi who will continue after me from June 1, 2023.
We feel that the end of my career at DAS is also time to celebrate, and for that DAS offers coffee and cake for tenants between 22.-23.5.during office hours.
With sunny greetings,
Kirsti Saviaro
Managing Director


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