Hello tenant from Asemarinne!

We want to add pictures of apartments and residential areas to our website and for this we need your help!

With the new pictures we want to make it easier for applicants to choose an apartment and residential area.

We have started to collect pictures regionally and Anninportti was the first region. The next region will be Asemarinne. Pictures can be sent between 7.6.-20.6.21.

So send us a picture/pictures of your apartment and/or residential area and you have a chance to win an S-Group gift card!

  • What kind is your apartment? How would you like to present it to others?
  • What makes your residential area comfortable?

The pictures we choose to use on our website will be rewarded with S-Group 20€ gift cards (1 gift card/tenant.)


What you need to do:

  1. Take a clear and good quality picture. You can also send more than one picture.
  2. Send the pictures to us by e-mail: dasaspa@das.fi with the subject ”Picture of Asemarinne”.
  3. Remember to include your name, address and phone number for a possible prize.
  4. We will contact you If your picture will be published.

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