Neve provides DAS wooden apartment building ecological solutions of the future

Neve provides DAS wooden apartment building ecological solutions of the future

Neve and Domus Arctica –säätiö have made a framework agreement according to which Neve provides the new DAS wooden apartment building with several modern and innovative, ecology-enhancing solutions. Domus Arctica –säätiö (DAS) builds an 8-floor CLT-timber frame structure DAS Kelo student apartment building in Rovaniemi, on Yliopistonkatu, by August 2019.

The wooden apartment building offers students energy-efficient, demand-facing, communal and ecological living solutions. The construction planning in the area is based on the circulation economy strategy by the city of Rovaniemi, the principles of sustainable development, innovations through digitalisation, and alternative energy production methods. Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy provides the apartment building several modern systems and services which help to reach these goals.

The services and technique provided by Neve help the tenants, for example, to observe how their own consumption patterns affect the use of energy and water, and through this, their expenses of living. The ecology of water and electricity consumption is improved by installing the building with remotely read, apartment-based, cold- and hot water meters, a hybrid diverter and a remote-tracking system to preheat domestic water with wastewater. The hybrid diverter helps to extract the heat from the wastewater and use it to help heating the building. The main form of heating in the wooden apartment building is district heating produced with local fuel. Part of the electricity is produced with the solar power system of the building. Moreover, the building will include an electricity storage system.

Ecological transportation and communality is supported with the smart public charging service for electric cars. The parking area will include parking spots for the public charging service of electric cars. Neve and DAS will start a joint investigation, based on the results of which the partners will decide on acquiring a possible car sharing service for the tenants. DAS has also acquired bikes for the tenants’ joint use.

- The solutions we provide Kelo with, and the co-operation with DAS execute our new strategy wonderfully. In the past, our actions have mostly taken place outside the properties and we have serviced the property owners. Now we want to offer our expertise and modern services more to the final users, the tenants, as well, says the CEO for Neve, Kristian Gullsten.

The Managing Director of DAS, Kirsti Saviaro is very pleased with the co-operation, just like Gullsten.
- It is exactly the co-operation between Neve and DAS, which enables developing these kinds of solutions that answer to the needs of the future. Moreover, the research of the Lapland UAS is in a very important role in this project, notes Saviaro.

The electricity storage system that will be built in the building is a part of the national Dispensed Energy Sources –project. The smart public charging service of electric cars is a part of the Bio-economy and Clean Solutions –project of the government.

Alongside innovative housing solutions that aim for the future, Saviaro emphasizes the principles of good living.
- Alongside being ecological and communal, our most important goal is to make the wooden apartment building a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment, says Saviaro.

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