Get to know the tenant committee!

Get to know the tenant committee!

What is an tenant committee? What do they and why you should be interested in the tenant committee? 

  • The tenant committee consists of DAS tenants, you too can join the tenant committee!
  • The tenant committee organizes various events and updates common spaces.
  • As a member of the tenant committee, you can have an influence on the decision making and how the budget for the tenant committee is used.
  • Join the tenant committee and increase your experience in positions of trust!
Are you interested to join the tenant committee but you are not quite sure yet? All the DAS tenants are welcome to the tenant committee meetings. In the meeting you can find out what kind of decisions the tenant committee makes and be part of the meeting with your ideas. We will inform about the next meeting here is DASiaa section and on our social media channels (Instagram & Facebook @domusarctica). 

If you feel that you want to be part of the tenant committee, you can apply as a member during the fall. Members for tenant committees are selected in election before the year changes (usually during October). Tenant committee is nominated for one year at the time.

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