Customer satisfaction inquiry was done on February

Customer satisfaction inquiry was done on February

We appreciate the feedback we received!

We thank everyone who answered the inquiry. With the help of the inquiry we get important information about tenants’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction with our and our partners’ activities. The response rate was 28% which was 2% better than last year.

You considered the price level ,the services offered by DAS and easy apartment apply to be the most important reasons for living at DAS. Your were satisfied with the waste recycling. You wished for more apartment renovations. Based on the feedback received from the inquiry we will add more versatile picures of the apartments to our website as well as evaluate and develop issues related to the maintenance of the properties.

We will renew our tenant inquiry during 2023.

We held a raffle for the respondents who had submitted their contact details. The raffle prize was 3 S-groud giftcard worth 50 €/each. The winners have been contacted personally.

Thanks to everyone who answered the inquiry!

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