Information about the heating in DAS apartments

Information about the heating in DAS apartments

The heat is on even when the cold is on

 Complaints of draft and cold are one of the most common feedback regarding indoor warmth as the weather outside gets colder in the autumn. DAS buildings are heated with district heating and the heating is adjusted automatically according to the temperatures outside. The heating is therefore not turned off in the beginning of the summer and not turned on again as autumn approaches.

The so called heating season begins when the average day-and-night-time temperature outside drops under 15 degrees Celsius. The room temperature in DAS apartments is set to +20 ºC and the natural variation interval is 19 - 21 ºC. In the autumn the humidity of the air outside can cause a sensation of chilliness even indoors. The feeling goes away as the autumn proceeds as the structures of the building warm up and the humidity outside reduces.

All apartments include a thermometer. If the thermometer shows temperatures less than +19 ºC or over 21 ºC contact the maintenance service by filling a Note of Fault on DAS tenant pages: www.das.fi or at www.das.fi/vikailmoitus


A checklist - what can you do if the room temperature is not on the right level:

  • Check that the curtains are not covering the radiator thermostat and that no electronic appliances blow warm air on the thermostat
  • Check that the radiator thermostat in your bathroom is not completely open.
  • Have a quick cross-apartment ventilation - do not leave the windows open when you leave home!
  • Using external radiators is forbidden because they are not energy efficient and they disturb the building’s own heating system
  • Do not use your oven to heat your apartment - the oven is not built to last that and it creates a risk for fire!




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