The new house DAS Kirstinkoto in Korvanaukionpuisto will be completed in July and the search for housing has been opened

The new house in Korvanaukionpuisto, DAS Kirstinkoto will be completed in July and the applying for housing has been opened! Apartment types Studio (26,5 m2) 413,40 €/monthutility fee electricity 9 €/month Studio (29,0 m2) 442,25 €/monthutility fee electricity 9 €/month 2-room (35,5 m2) ...

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DAS opening hours at Christmas

21.12.2021 - Open from 10 am to 1 pm 22.-27.12.2021 - Closed  

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17.12.2021 Christmas sauna

Christmas Sauna

Christmas sauna is warm on 24.12.2021.  The traditional Christmas sauna turns for Christmas eve 24 December 2021 can be reserved from customer service dasaspa@das.fi. Please make your reservation not later than on Tuesday 21 December 2021 by 10 am.  Notice! Common sauna turns and oth...

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17.12.2021 vacation

Good to remember when I go on Christmas vacation

New Year's Eve is a quiet time in student houses. Most of the customers are in their homes at Christmas and New Year. Remeber to make sure that you turn off unnecessary lights and other electrical appliances. To ensure common security, all windows and doors are tightly closed.

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17.12.2021 safety, comfort

Eight ways to create safety and comfort

1. Allow air to circulate. Make sure there is enough space at the air vents for the refrigerator, freezer, washing machine and TV. Clean the back of the equipment of dirt and dust. 2. Observe electrical installations. Are the sockets and switches with their protective covers intact and securely f...

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17.12.2021 order regulations, regulations

The ABC of DAS housing

Few tips.... C Cleaning instructions:  Comfortable living in a clean home. Also, be sure to take a look behind the fridge and stove at times to avoid being surprised!  F Fire alarm: Fire alarms can be found in each apartment. Periodically check that your fire alarm is working - this ...

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17.12.2021 communality

Greetings from the student union!

The year 2021 is coming to an end. This year was again different from last year, which went almost entirely remotely, at home and online. This year, we have also enjoyed events in the fall where students have been able to experience community after studying online. Many students may have seen fellow...

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Santa Claus is looking for helpers!

Finland’s leading Christmas experience provider, SantaPark Arctic World seeks for bustling & hustling Santa’s Helpers that have a sparkle in the eye and would like to be a part of an international team at SantaPark and Santa Claus Secret Forest - Joulukka.   Come and join us for se...

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