Statement by the managing director

Statement by the managing director

Thanks for the feedback- you hope for a small surface renovation

We received 266 responses to our spring customer survey, which means 22% gave feedback.

94.3% of tenants would recommend DAS to their friends and family. Thank you! As you did every year, you were particularly pleased with the price level and location. Your wish was a small surface renovation for the apartments and better temperature control.

Here at DAS, we are pleased that environmental friendliness and responsibility are particularly important to tenants. Waste sorting has been handled so well that waste costs decreased in 2019. Operations in 2019 were efficient and profitable. In addition to good financial figures, the joy was brought about by the various tenants' events of the 50th anniversary year.

We are now living in an exceptional time when, due to the corona epidemic, customer service is mainly provided online and our maintenance service takes care of urgent and acute matters. We regret that, for reasons of health and safety, the common areas are still kept closed.

Staying healthy and persevering in this challenging situation.


Kirsti Saviaro

Managing Director


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