DAS construction plan 2019


Domus Arctica -säätiö has a construction plan part of the strategy and its goal is to increase the amount of studios and give options for short time living in furnished apartments. According to this plan and strategy DAS has sold Kuntotie 5 property in 2018 and the Kuntotie 3 property will change owner in summer 2019. Part of the construction plan is also to give possibilities for temporary and short time living which means furnishing the apartments in some properties for example exchange students’ use.

The current strategy will be implemented during 2019 so that all the apartments of DAS Eero building in Rantavitikka campus area will be furnished and the furnished apartments of DAS IX, Kuntotie 8 will be added to use as temporary and short-term living purposes. To the new building DAS Kelo will be built 103 new studios. Strategy work continues and the strategy will be updated in April 2019.

Construction plan actions in 2019 as following
• In January DAS Eero current tenancy agreements will be given notice of termination and the agreements will end at 31 July 2019.
• In January DAS IX, Kuntotie 8 current agreements in furnished apartments will be given notice of termination and the agreements will end at 31 July 2019.
• During the spring, DAS Eero tenants will receive more information about the alterations in the building, which will be done during summer 2019 (for example changes in DASnet, locking system and furnishing the apartments).
• DAS XI, Kuntotie 3 owner will change at 1 July 2019.
• During summer 2019 in DAS Eero will be done some alterations and furnishing.
• DAS Kelo building’s estimated time of completion is at 15 July 2019 and the tenants move in earliest at 1 August 2019.

DAS informs separately how to apply to DAS Kelo apartments during the spring 2019. More information for DAS Eero and DAS IX tenants is on the separate notice.

DAS asks for tenants’ understanding for construction plan and developing measures done due to that. We also remind DAS Eero and IX tenants that tenants are not in a hurry to move out from their current apartment. DAS tries to arrange an alternative apartment for the tenants whom the change concerns.

More information about the construction plan and strategy, please ask from and other inquiries from


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