Moving out cleaning

Moving out cleaning

Are you moving out soon? Remember to make the moving out cleaning according to our instructions.

  • tell your flat mate soon enough that you are moving out so you can decide how to clean shared premises
  • empty your apartment/room/storage space completely
  • vacuum floors and swipe with detergent and wet wipe, also the floor moldings
  • wipe the spots from the doors, walls and other places
  • clean the stove and oven; also behind the stove (wash the baking trays too!)
  • wash the grease filter of the cooker hood
  • cleaning the windows (the key for opening the windows can be borrowed from the office). Remember to wipe in between the windows as well.
  • empty, defrost and clean the fridge and freezer; remember also to clean from behind!
  • wash the bathroom, also toilet seat and sink
  • make sure that you leave a shover curtain in the apartment (wash also the shover curtain)
  • clean the bathroom drain
  • good airing, but don’t leave balcony door or windows open
  • remove your name labels from the door and mailbox
  • read moving out directions from here 


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