Let’s have a Christmas sauna

Let’s have a Christmas sauna

With respect to Christmas traditions the Christmas Eve saunas warm up again at DAS on 24 December 2018 between 13-21.

In Asemarinne and Kuntotie the Christmas sauna can be reserved in all the houses.

In Rantavitikka the Christmas sauna can be reserved from Erävalkeat houses (DAS Nili, Kota and Laavu). No matter in which Rantavitikka house you live in, you are able to use Chrismas saunas of Erävalkeat.

In Anninportti Christmas sauna is warm in D-house.

Please make your reservation by phone (+358 20 7699 180), by email (dasaspa@das.fi) or by visitng DAS office (at Ylikorvantie 28 A). Reservations not later than on 19 December 2018.

A short sauna etiquette

  • use a small towel to sit on when insauna
  • throw only water on the stoves
  • wash yourself before going to sauna
  • please clean up after yourself so that the next person coming to sauna can also enjoy
  • relax and enjoy the warmth 

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