Domus Arctica -säätiö services during exceptional circumstances 18.6.2020 -


Domus Arctica -säätiö services during exceptional circumstances 18.6.2020 -

We have limited service in DAS office

DAS office will only serve the tenants face-to-face in matters related to picking up keys.

Please notice that you have to arrange the visit by email (dasaspa@das.fi) in advance for picking up the keys.

You can return the keys (in envelope) to DAS office’s mailbox: DAS Kelo, Yliopistonkatu 21.

Other customer service is available via email, phone and FimX (Note of Fault) and DAS tenant’s pages.


Gyms will be reopened for normal use on 18.6.2020. Remember to maintain good hygiene and respect the safety distances with other tenants. Please do not visit the gym if you feel even remotely sick.


Saunas will be reopened and you can reserve private turns again starting 18.6.2020. The common turns will not be available yet. Please do not use the saunas if you feel even remotely sick.

Clubrooms and study rooms

Clubrooms and study rooms will be reopened normally starting 18.6.2020. Please do not the use the facilities if you feel even remotely sick. Note and follow the restrictions provided by authorities especially in the amount of people, safety distances and hygiene.

The cleaning of these facilities have been enhanced but every tenant must still remember to maintain good tidiness and hygiene when using the facilities.

Borrowable items (at DAS office and the boat)

DAS will not borrow any common items at office or the boat to ensure the safety of our tenants and customer service people.

Maintenance work, apartment inspections and home visits related to fault reports

Maintenance related visits and repairs and apartment inspections will go on as normal, but the tenants cannot be present when DAS maintenance is working in the apartment. Our maintenance men will contact the tenants in advance and agree the maintenance visit time.

Related to the corona epidemic, the tenant is required to notify if there is a sick, exposed or quarantined person in the apartment to ensure safe working in the apartment.

Further actions

We are continuously monitoring the situation and will inform tenants if there are changes in the situation!

We wish you a great summer during these exceptional times!

Domus Arctica –säätiö sr

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