Show us your home!

Show us your home!

We would like to share DAS homes on social media and we need help from you DAS tenants!

You get the best view of the furnished apartments. A student home always looks like its owner, and we want to share pictures of different kind of homes.

Have you decorated your apartment with a light color scheme or perhaps with colorful patterns? Maybe your style is minimalist or maybe you love green plants. Maybe decorating isn't your thing, but you've still found a place for your things in the apartment. Don't hesitate to grab the camera and capture your own student home!

In the spring, when the light increases, we will organize a photo campaign related to the topic. You can already prepare for the campaign by taking bright pictures of your apartment. 

Everyone whose photos are published will receive a  gift card worth 25 euros as a reward!

The campaign instructions will be detailed later. So follow your email and DAS on instagram @domusarctica.



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