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Information and some help for filling in the application form

Incomes = Inform only your regular incomes during studies in Rovaniemi.
Wealth = Inform your wealth if more than 34.000 €.

Institute of enrolment:

Applied scienses means Rovaniemi University of Applied Scieces. If you are not studying in Rovaniemi UAS or University of Lapland, inform your school or that you are a trainee in special preferences box.

Information for spouse or room mate:

Put the name of your friend in this section only if you want to have tenancy agreement together for example for shared studio apartment. Otherwise inform the name of your frien you wish to live in the same apartment/room in the special preferences box.

  • It is possible to choose only one option. If you have many wishes, for example shared apartment and studio, choose one of them and then write about the other one on the special preferences box.
  • Choose always anything goes if you have no special requests about housing area or apartment type.
  • If your best choise is not mentioned on the menu, please write more information on special preferences box. For example if you want to apply for shared room choose anything goes and write in special preferences box that you wish fo shared room.

Special preferences box:

Write here all the extra information you wish to give DAS about your application. Notice that the space for writing is limited.

Please notice!

If there is not apartments available according to your wishes you might receive an offer for different kind of apartment. The offer is then the best possible choise available for you at the moment.

Personal information is used for processing DAS tenancy agreements. The Date of birth is used to confirm your credit rating and also as identification for the authorities under the basic human rights act (e.g. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

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