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DAS Rovala, Rovala 3


DAS Rovala, Rovala 3 apartment building is partially used as dormitory for Rovala Opisto students. Those apartments are also rented by Rovala Opisto. It takes only 15 min to walk to the city centre and 30 min to walk to the Rantavitikka area (University of Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences).

There are 2 or 3 room shared apartments and studios that you can apply from DAS. All the apartments have basic furniture.

Apartments 21, apartmentplaces 45

Living costs

Type of the apartment      size                   rent per month

Studio                               34,5 m2            353 €

Shared apartment for 2     25,50 m2          249 €

Shared apartment for 3     23,67 m2          226 €


In addition to rent all tenants pay utility fee (23 euros/month/person/tenant place) which  is payment for water and electricity. The utility fee will be charged according to the number of tenant and/or number of tenant places. The number of tenant places is the same as apartment’s number of rooms. For example if tenant lives alone in the two room apartment tenant will be charged two utility fees.


All the apartments have basic furniture:

writing desk, chair, bed, mattress and mattress pad

in the kitchen table and chairs, lamp in all rooms

furniture payment is 16 €/month/person

Separate payments will be paid for example for car parking and private sauna hour.

Laundry and common sauna hours are free of charge.

There is no DASnet internet connection in Rovala.

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